Tribal Casinos

Tribal casinos boast some of the greatest success stories in gaming history. They have the ability to be more thematic and less corporate. This affords them the opportunity to represent and express their culture and values to the community at large while at the same time creating a positive impact on the gaming industry as a whole.

They may be small or large, rural or urban but all have very specific benefits and value propositions that need to be communicated to players. Their bottom line goal is the same as all casinos and racinos. Bring players in, keep 'em happy, get them back. We'll help you do this.

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"I have worked with Dave Kanegis of the Marketing Network since before we opened our doors in 1993... One of Dave's greatest strengths is his ability to communicate to all audiences, from the best way to approach the employees to the most cost effective way to reach our extensive database.

Dave's patience and willingness to train and make difficult concepts more understandable to employees of all levels has been an important part of his relationship with not only the marketing department but also to our Human Resources department.

Dave's talent for strategic planning has been instrumental in helping make Cypress Bayou Casino the success it is today. He knows our players and how to get them on property!”
Shannon Redmond, Marketing Manager, Cypress Bayou Casino, A Chitimacha Tribal Enterprise